Captive, 2016

Captive ape

The captive ape sits in his glass box for the world to see. A comment on how we look at each other all the time maybe?

East v. West, 2016

East meets West

East versus West: Chairman Mao as a paperweight and the sad lion of the West meet up.

Small people cast a long shadow, 2022

Small people cast a long shadow


Small people cast a long shadow translates in to Welsh as Pobl Bach yn taffy cysgod hir. 

Resting on a Welsh slate base these six figures tell their own stories including the naughty boy, the cheeky uncle in his string vest and a very thoughtful figure in the back row with the splendid, coloured hair. Why might these small people cast a long shadow?

Hands proverbial

Series of ceramics depicting ancient Welsh proverbs.



The virus who came to tea

Virus who came to teaVirus who came to tea II

Here are a few of my ceramic hands usually installed in town and country environments, but this time arranged with a plastic monster toy, old fashioned flower presses and my favourite 1930’s teapot.  Take a look at more of this work on my Instagram @helenbirnbaumceramics. 


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