SIGNIFICANT – A Bunch of Viruses

The strange, oddly beautiful world of microbes is explored in three series of sculptures called  Significant – a Bunch of viruses    It celebrates the pioneering individuals who lead the way in medical science, the hospitals and laboratories they worked in  and the  people who suffered.  Significant – a bunch of viruses consists of three  different installations.


Quarantine Boxes

Intimate repositories of memory containing memorabilia, small ceramic viruses and bacteria. Designed for smaller and more intimate exhibition spaces these reflective works display delicate ceramic viruses clustering inside old boxes decorated with cyanotype print images.  In 2019 a selection of these boxes were exhibited at the Liverpool Medical Institute, and  Worcester Medical Museum where they now feature on the museum’s website.


Ceramic Transmission

 Memorialising Disease – whatever happened to everyone else?  

Tuberculosis sprout from milk bottles, HIV flow from an old urinal jar and Smallpox cluster together as if actually in the blood stream. Finally, the 2020 Pandemic is commemorated in two ceramic metal sculptures. Memorialising Disease contains a series of photographs that depict viruses in poignant sites of significance in the UK and Ireland.

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