Helen Birnbaum

I approach society and science in a questioning way using sculpture, photography, film and sound. The starting point of much of my work is contemporary society’s relationship with world changing events such as climate change or the devastating effect of viruses. The quirkiness and energy of 1960’s design excites me and I strive to harness this dynamism whilst commenting on our own altered world.

I make all my sculpture by hand and sometimes use found metal objects to enhance the designs. I have recently been integrating digital devices into my sculpture; sound, touch and vision now sit together widening the experience for viewers. This is exciting art that will sometimes make you smile but will always make you think.

I have exhibited at the Gordon Pathology Museum, Guy’s Hospital London, the ARB Gallery Cambridge and in the World Museum in Liverpool. In 2018, I was awarded the V&A Morley Gallery Ceramic Prize that paved the way for another important exhibition at ARTBOX, Basel, Switzerland. I have also exhibited twice in Athens. Since then my Coronavirus 2020 sculpture has joined the Victoria Gallery, Liverpool’s Permanent Collection. The Antimicrobial Animals are now on permanent display in the Liverpool University School of Engineering. In 2022 Significant Bunch of Viruses – HIV was exhibited at Glastonbury Festival,


Instagram:  www.instagram.com/helenbirnbaumceramics

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Twitter:  https://twitter.com/helenceramics