Anticipation, 2018

These dancing feet are made in ceramic stoneware and decorated in a pale blue Celadon glaze.  A leather thong laces up one of the dance shoes suggesting that her physical body is laced into her ballet practice. The muscular toes evidence to the hours of practice it has taken to get to this point.

Anticipation, 2018 is a very personal work made by a mother for her daughter just before she goes out into the world; her feet identifying the path she hopes to take.  The young woman’s feet become her dancing shoes; one foot poised as if to take off to dance into the unknown. The feet rest on a Welsh slate base. Anticipation is in the  FLUX Review of Curious Minds Exhibition, 2023 and won  the Annual Ceramic Prize at the Victoria & Albert/Morley Gallery exhibition in 2018.  


FLUX Review Curious Minds front cover, 2023





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