Ceramic Transmission

In this work I have created sounds that encourage people to wait, to listen and think about the sculptures they see. Originally the sculptures were designed to be touched, but in the Covid environment QR Codes enable viewers to access the sounds hidden within the works without having to touch them.  Use a QR code app. on your phone to hear the sounds yourself.

The different theories described and the curious sounds that accompany them.

Divine Judgment

Epidemics may have been rare but they became terrifying once population density increased.   Listen to a spooky rendition of Ring a Roses all about the Black Death pandemic.  Sound Credit:  Jade Brown


Bad Air

A pathological state of the atmosphere was associated with infectious diseases and this became the miasma theory of contagion.  I chose the model of a balloon decorated with Tuberculosis bacteria and suggestively full of bad air.  Sound Credit: Soundliketube

Germ Theory

In 1862 the French chemist Louis Pasteur proposed a germ theory supporting that microorganisms are the cause of diseases. Listen to a sneeze when you touch the hands or use your QR Code reader.  Sound CreditMotion Array Youtube


Web of Causation

Web of Causation describes how a multitude of different people, social and physiological environments now make up the way in which disease is passed from one person to another. The evocative sound of an airport announcement is a symbol of movement in the modern world.  Sound Credit: Maldera Film. Youtube



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