Antimicrobial Avengers, 2018

We are living at a time of enormous risk. Years of excessive antibiotic use means that we are becoming resistant to them. I worked with Prof Raechelle D’Sa, Liverpool University on their R  ANTIMICROBIAL AVENGER Project to create sculptural creatures that educate and inform about alternatives to penicillin. These ancient creatures may provide the answer to the crisis we face.  

The ceramic Antimicrobial Animals are now on permanent display in the university’s School of Engineering. 


Komodo dragon with MRSA on its tongue

A Komodo dragon sports the word MRSA on its tongue to suggest the MRSA busting qualities found in its knobbly skin. This can be extracted and used as an alternative antibiotic. 


Gecko family

A family of Geckos with exaggerated spiky skins. These textures can be replicated on a micro level to create medical implements.  The tiled texture of the shark can help in a similar way. 


Solitary shark


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