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Broadcast news

Broadcast news

If you put a shell to your ear you hear the sound of the sea; this shell is wired for sound and broadcasts the news of the sea to the world. Maybe the news that is being broadcast is the perilous state of our oceans or possibly news about people who make life threatening journeys across the world’s oceans to find new homes.


A single, cold blue ceramic hand emerges from a ceramic shell.  The work represents people seeking refuge from environments made hostile by the eco crisis the world faces.  The shell represents a place of sanctuary but the hand emerges blue with cold into an alarming new world.  The sculpture is formed of two separate pieces and measures 45 cm x 20 cm.


Anticipation, 2018

These dancing feet are made in ceramic stoneware and decorated in a pale blue Celadon glaze.  A leather thong laces up one of the dance shoes suggesting that her physical body is laced into her ballet practice. The muscular toes evidence to the hours of practice it has taken to get to this point.

Anticipation, 2018 is a very personal work made by a mother for her daughter just before she goes out into the world; her feet identifying the path she hopes to take.  The young woman’s feet become her dancing shoes; one foot poised as if to take off to dance into the unknown. The feet rest on a Welsh slate base. Anticipation is in the  FLUX Review of Curious Minds Exhibition, 2023 and won  the Annual Ceramic Prize at the Victoria & Albert/Morley Gallery exhibition in 2018.  


FLUX Review Curious Minds front cover, 2023




Sick of data, 2023

Braintree – Sick of data comments on recent explorations, by a tech mogul, into neural interface technologies that fit chips and electrodes into peoples’ brains. Four ceramic brains hang from the tree, one spewing out a stream of paper data. 

Braintree sculpture - Sick of data


Braintree data stream head detail


Captive, 2016

Captive ape

The captive ape sits in his glass box for the world to see. 

East v. West, 2016

East meets West

Chairman Mao paperweight and the sad lion of the West meet up.

Small people cast a long shadow, 2022

Small people cast a long shadow

Small people cast a long shadow translates in to Welsh as Pobl Bach yn taffy cysgod hir. Resting on a Welsh slate base these six figures tell their own stories.

Truth is of one colour, 2022

Truth is of one colour

A celebration in clay of the Black Lives Matter movement

OUTBREAK Games, 2017



OUTBREAK Bar Billiards

Coronavirus, 2020

Coronavirus 2020 has joined the Victoria Gallery & Museum’s Permanent Collection of artworks.

Coronavirus, 2020

Coronavirus detail


Terra Firma Leaky Boat, 2020

TERRA FIRMA Leaky Boat, 2020

Terra Firma Leaky Boat was exhibited in Glasgow during Cop 26 at the Project Ability  exhibition  Film of the hands set to the sound of waves



Colours of resistance

Colours of resistance


Silent Journeys

Silent Journeys


Clinging on

Clinging on