Braintree – Sick of data

Braintree – Sick of data is a comment on recent explorations by a tech mogul into developing neural interface technologies fitting chips and electrodes into peoples brains. Four brains hang from the tree, one spewing out paper data. A single human head with a disc inserted looks up at them in wonder and fear. So far as we know it is just apes that have been used in these earlier stages of development. Three sad monkeys. a modern version of Hear no evil, Speak no evil, See no evil sit under glass domes as part of this experiment.

Braintree sculpture - Sick of data Braintree data stream head detail

Braintree - Sick of data with three apes


Captive, 2016

Captive ape

The captive ape sits in his glass box for the world to see. A comment on how we look at each other all the time maybe?

East v. West, 2016

East meets West

East versus West: Chairman Mao as a paperweight and the sad lion of the West meet up.

Small people cast a long shadow, 2022

Small people cast a long shadow


Small people cast a long shadow translates in to Welsh as Pobl Bach yn taffy cysgod hir. 

Resting on a Welsh slate base these six figures tell their own stories including the naughty boy, the cheeky uncle in his string vest and a very thoughtful figure in the back row with the splendid, coloured hair. Why might these small people cast a long shadow?

Hands proverbial

Series of ceramics depicting ancient Welsh proverbs.



HIV, 2017

Exhibited in picture form in the Science Futures tent at Glastonbury  2020 the HIV sculpture re-images the virus as a bunch of macabre flowers. The work forms part of the installation series Significant Bunch of viruses.


HIV Flowers

Truth is of one colour, 2022

Truth is of one colour

Truth is of one colour, 2022

A celebration in clay of the Black Lives Matter movement, its connection to the zeitgeist  and the right to protest.

OUTBREAK Games, 2017

OUTBREAK Games introduces viruses and bacteria, and their exciting microbial forms, through  a series of familiar games. Brightly coloured Pop Art pieces look as delicate as coral, but a dangerous as sea mines. These exciting works have become all the more relevant in recent times as we fear the antibiotics can no longer help and our recent experience of the Pandemic. This Virus v Bacteria animation can be shown alongside an OUTBREAK Games exhibition  Audiences invited to pay these ceramic microbial games. and help white blood cells fight infection.



Out daily battle with viruses are represented in a humorous way on this large, colourful draughts board. See the red and white blood cells win the day over the Common Cold, Giardia Sickness bug, HPV and the Coronavirus which causes Covid 19. Watch the game in action


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OUTBREAK Bar Billiards

A reclaimed bar billiards board is re-imagined.  A host of microbes are in play.

OUTBREAK Bar Billiards

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Remember playing this in the school playground? Maybe not with bacterial spores and ceramic dice.




Each conventional chess piece is represented by HIV & AIDS,T.B., Flu, DNA replicants and red and white blood cells,  Help them  jostle for position on the huge chess board.


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TERRA FIRMA - waving hands

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Coronavirus, 2020

Coronavirus 2020

The Nature v. Humans exhibition included works by JMW Turner, Cornelia Parker, Adrien Henri and myself – Helen Birnbaum. I will also conducted Design your own Microbe sessions  as part of the Victoria’s workshop season.

Coronavirus 2020 has since joined the Victoria Gallery & Museum’s Permanent Collection of artworks.

Coronavirus, 2020

Coronavirus detail